Four Seasons Lion Palace Hotel

Client:  Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

With:  Strabag Architects, Moscow, Russia

Completion:  2011

For the recently renovated Lion Palace Hotel, Quinn Design Associates designed the paving and planting for several interior spaces as well as the paving, screening and landscaping for the roof terraces and the spacious outdoor terrace of the Presidential Suite.

Our firm created a planting design for the central Winter Garden, a spectacular public gathering space with a glass roof that provides natural sunlight. The Winter Garden is surrounded by a sunken ‘moat,’ which gives the feeling of being on a luxurious island within the hotel. Our decorative paving and planting accentuate this sense of exclusivity, and also provide an attractive view from the surrounding gallery. Our rooftop courtyard designs provide a low-maintenance green space that is pleasing and elegant. The terrace of the Presidential Suite features a more elaborate design, with detailed stone paving, decorative pots, and more intricate plantings.

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