Oshawa Centre


Client:  Ivanhoe Cambridge

With:  Petroff Partnership Architects

Completion:  2015

Oshawa Centre has recently completed a major renovation and expansion of their Oshawa retail centre. For this project Quinn Design Associates worked with Petroff Partnership to design an attractive and generously-planted landscape that enhances both the experience of visiting the mall and the sustainability of the landscape, which we designed to grow without permanent irrigation. Grade changes in the reconfigured parking area at the rear of the mall necessitated a major concrete retaining wall. Our design reduces the visual impact of the wall through the use of surface textures and a ‘Living Wall’ composed of willow growing on a sturdy wood framework.

The streetscape along the major streets surrounding the mall were also replanted with sturdy native or hardy drought tolerant shade trees. Quinn Design has also worked on a previous expansion of the mall to include a separate Staples retail store with full landscaping and a bioswale to handle surface runoff from that area of the parking lot.

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