Rekai Centre, Wellesley Central Place


Client: The Rekai Centres

With: Farrow Partnership Architects

Completion: 2005

Project Delivery: Design Bid Build

Founded in 1953 as a private hospital, the Rekai Centre later became the first multilingual, non-profit nursing home in Canada. Located in the heart of the city, it was redeveloped into a long-term care facility as part of a neighbourhood Master Plan. Quinn Design Associates created a landscape that is both engaging and therapeutic for a resident population of diverse cultural backgrounds, abilities, and needs.

The landscape includes a peaceful and lushly planted courtyard with native plant material to attract birds and to promote the restorative and calming effects of nature. The design also incorporates a green roof, flowering street trees and a grove of trees that extends into the adjacent city park. Historic stone walls were preserved in order to pay homage to the past. Through responsive planning and attention to detail, the landscape design aspires to be as inspirational as the Centre itself.

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