Village Green


Client:    Greenrock Property Management

Completion:  2017

Village Green is a 3-tower rental apartment complex located in downtown Toronto. Built in the 1960s, this complex includes expansive landscape grounds and, for many decades, featured a large iconic water fountain and many mature trees. Quinn Design Associates was retained by the owner to redesign the property in response to a need to excavate the site to repair the underground garage slab, which had reached the end of its lifecycle.

Following consultations with our client, project stakeholders, and tenants, we created a refreshing and well-integrated contemporary landscape for the property. Our design responds to client and tenant objectives of reinstating the landscape as a primarily green space that serves the resident community, but with updates to accommodate current resident needs, such as a place for dogs and more pedestrian routes throughout the site. We also replaced the original sprawling water fountain with a more compact, though equally modern, design that will be the focal point of the site, providing areas to gather and sit. Other key features include a multi-level dog park with rocks, and a large central lawn.

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